Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camp Rock!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have done reviews on books, games, CD's, but I have never done a review on a movie. Well, here it is...

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Today, I am going to review "Disney's Camp Rock"

This is a really cute movie that came out in 2008. In the movie, Mitchie Torris is living a pretty normal life. Her mother is a cater, and her father owns a hardware store. Mitchie loves music, and really want to go to Camp rock. But, her parents can't affored to have her go-until her mom gets a catering job there, which means that Mitchie get to go and help her, while enjoying the great outdoors and music. :)

When she gets there, she relizes that she dosn't fit in at all. Everyone is so rich, and talented, and she so...plain. But when Mitchie gets an oppertunity to become friends with the popular girls, Tess, Ella, and Peggy, she decides to tell a little lie, which turns into a bunch of really big lies to make her look popular.

At the same time, Shane Gray, the lead singer of "Connect 3" is sent to Camp Rock as a punishment for being to full of himself. While he is there, he hears a girl (Mitchie) sing, and decides that he want to figue out who this singer is. He meets Mitchie, and they soon become friends, but Shane never thinks that Mitchie is the girl that he is looking for.

Soon, everything seams to go bad for Mitchie, when the whole camp finds out that she had been telling lie after lie.

If you want to figues out what happens next...You gotta watch the movie.

This movie is very cute. I would recomend it to anyone looking for a good clean, family movie.

I will give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading!! ~Sammy


  1. I like that movie too! Great review

  2. Hey Sammy! This is HorseWriter4GOD. I hadn't been on blogger in so long!
    lol, I remember Camp Rock, I really really REALLY liked it when it came out, but not so much anymore. I agree with the commenter above, you did a great review.