Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ransom of the Seven Ships: A Review

Hey guys! So, I have read the next 4 chapters in eight cousins, and I am planning on reviewing them soon. But right now, I am going to do a quick one post review on a Nancy Drew computer game by HeR Interactive.

Ransom of the Seven Ships Game #20

I didn't write this review for this blog. I actually wrote it for the HeR Interactive Message Board. But, I thought I'd post it on here. So I hope you enjoy it. :)

Plot: The plot of the game was kinda, well, borring. I mean, Bess gets kidnapped. There has been another ND game where someone is kidnapped, and I think that this game's plot was a lot like that one. But I did think that bringing Bess and George in the game was pretty Awesome. The part that I hated about the game is that you don't get to call anyone. NO PHONE! That stinks! So, I'd give the plot 3/5 stars

Characters: There was not very many people you could talk to in this game.

There was George of course, and she wasn't really what I though of George to be. She was very depressed. And I guess I would be too if my cousin/bff got kidnapped, but, she didn't really do much. She just sat at the front desk working on a phone all day. Althow, I did think it was pretty cool that you got to be her for part of the game. I'd give her 4/5

Jonny Rolf was kinda strange. He pretty much, hated Nancy from the beginning. Whenever Nancy would talk to him, and she would say, "I better get going," Jonny would say something like, "This is good.'' Or, "Do not come again." I think he had a problem with Nancy. Or, he was just a grumpy old fisher man who didn't like company. :) I'd give him 3/5 stars

Coucou on the other had was awesome! She is the granddaughter of Loulou from CUR, which was pretty cool, and you never knew what she was going to say. "Justin, meet Samantha." Or, "Stop hitting your sister!." But I think my favorite things that she said were, "Nancy Drew belongs in a zoo." And "George is Smelly! George is Smelly!" She had such a great personallity, and I loved her! 5/5

There were also some monkeys in the game. I liked them, becasue they were so cute, and you got to play games with them. The part I didn't like about the monkeys, is that depending on what you need, you might have to play 10 games with them to go farther on in the game. 3/5

All around Characters, forgetting the fact that half the characters were animals, I would give them 4/5

Setting: The setting was so cool! I loved that you could go all around the island, and sometimes you would see birds flying around, and the wavers moving. It was so awesome! 5/5

Music: I enjoied the music, but it all seamed very happy. I'm more into the scary games. This was NOT a scary game. I liked the music when you were sailing the best. 4/5

Ending: The ending was very diffrent from all the other games that I have finished. I was not expecting it at all. But I thought that it was very cool! 5/5

All around game: 4/5

So, there you go. My first game review. I hope you all enjoied it, and if you had any questions about this game, this review answered it for you.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eight Cousins, Chapters 1-3

Hey Everyone! I am going to do my first review! I am doing the first 3 chapters of eight cousins. I was only going to do 2, but I decided that I would do 3 instead. :)Okay, so lets see...

Chapter 1-Two Girls

This Chapter Starts out telling about a 13 year old girl named Rose Campbell. Her mother had died when she was very little, and her father has just recently died. She was very sad over her fathers death, and didn't like to look on the bright side of things. Her great Aunts all live in one big house, and that's where Rose would be staying until her father's brother-Her Uncle Alec came to take her to live with him. Rose loved her Aunts, but they were always telling her what, or what not to do. And they had many rules for her to follow. And one of the other reasons she didn't like it there, was because there was no one her age. But then one day. She hears a sound that sounds like ten different birds calls that sounds like it's coming from downstairs. Rose, who is very interested, goes to figure out what it is. She thinks it's a mocking bird. But to her surprise, it was no bird at all. It was a girl! She was making the chirping sounds. Rose asked where she has learned to do that, and the girl answered "From the birds." Rose soon found out that the Girl's name was Phebe Moore, and that she was a worker of the head made, Dolly. Phebe didn't know if she was going to live at the house, but she had come to try the work for a week, and if she did a good job, she would stay there. Rose became very interested in Phebe's story, and watched as she cleaned so diligently. Rose was having such a good time with Phebe, that when Dolly came in the room, saying that her Aunt Myra wanted Rose, she didn't want to go. But she went, got cleaned up, and when to see her aunt. And what her aunt had for her surprised Rose very much.

I thought that this chapter was very well written. It was easy to see what was going on, and I enjoined it very much. :)

Chapter 2-The Clan

Rose saw standing in front of her Seven boys. From ages 16, down to 6. There names were Archie, Prince Charlie, Mac, Steve, Geordiem, Will, and Jamie. She was introduced to them as her cousins. Before she knew it, she was being shown there new dog-cart and Shetland ponies. And they even preformed a dance for her. Rose enjoined herself very much with the boys. Soon, it was time for them to all go home. Rose was disappointed that they had to go, but they preomised that they would be back soon. After they has left, Rose fell asleep on a sofa, and soon opened her eyes to see a brown bearded man that looked a lot like her father. Then the man said to her, "I am your Uncle Alec."

This chapter wasn't as good as the first one. It was very hard to remember all the boys, and who was who. And I wished that there would be at least one girl cousin. This was a rather disappointing chapter.

Chapter 3-Uncles

The next morning, Rose woke up early. She didn't know if she had really seen her Uncle, or if it was just a dream. She got dressed, and looked out her balcony window, and saw her Uncle walking in the yard. He saw her, and asked what she was doing up so early. She answered that she wanted to make sure that he was real. He laughed, and asked if she could come down to see him, but she wasn't aloud out of her room before breakfast. So he decided that he would come up and meet her. So, her uncle climbed up one of the pillars into her room. They talked for a while, and when Uncle Alec (Who is also a doctor) Saw the medicine that was on her dresser and realized that the medicine was not good for her. So, he dumped all her medicine down off the balcony. Phebe later came in with Rose's coffee, and when Uncle Alec saw that, he told her that she had to have milk, and not coffee, and he poured to coffee off the balcony too. That morning, the family went to church, and Rose's cousins were there, but they were behaving very badly. Drawing in the hymnals, climbing of the pews and talking really loud. Uncle Alec did not like that, and said that they would have to wait to see what gifts she had gotten them. They were not very happy about that.

This chapter was better than the second one, but still not as good as the first one. This one seamed very long. But I am looking forward to Chapter 4 to see what happens next.

Well, that's it for today. I will try to post tomorrow or the next day on the next two or three chapters. Anyway, I hope you liked it so far!! Thanks for reading!!! :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Book, Decided. :D

Hey Guys!!!! Okay, so I have been reading a lot of books lately. And I plan on doing reviews on them too. I also wanted to say that I am also planning on doing Movie and game reviews. (I just finished Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships PC game yesterday, so I might do I review on that soon) But right now, I have decided what Book I'm going to review.

This was my mom's choice

Eight Cousins By Louisa May Alcott

When she told me she wanted me to do this, I was a little unsure. In other words, I didn't want to do this book. I mean, I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, but I didn't really want to read an almost 300 page book with huge words in it that I can't pronounce, and very long chapters about someone in love. But, I'll tell you one thing-I was completely wrong. This book really isn't like that. Well, yet anyway. :) I have only read a little bit of it, and I like everything so far. So, I decided that I'm going to review the book on here chapter by chapter. So, I should post on here at least once a day. Or, every other day.

I encourage you guys to read the book with me. Chapter by chapter. And then you can tell me what you thought about it. I think I'll do each post reviewing 2 chapters. So, since there is 24 chapters in it, and if I decided to review once I day, I would be finished reviewing the book in 12 days. :) So, later today, I plan to review the first 2 chapters of the book.

Thanks for reading!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to my New Blog

Hi! It's Sammy Here! And this is my second blog called Sammy's Reviews. If you have never seen my first blog, make sure you check it out. (www.sammysleuth.blogspot.com) I am going to read books (Mostly American Girl and Nancy Drew) And then talk about the book, and tell you what I like/dislike about them. I usually read 1 book a week, so I'll try to post a new review once a week, but my life can get very busy at times, you you'll never know when I will post something. :) I usually read a lot of books durning the summer, so, I'm hoping to read at least 20 books before school starts up in the fall. Anyway, thanks for checking out my new blog, and I hope you enjoy it! Please follow!!!! ~Samantha (Sammy)