Monday, August 16, 2010

The Promsied Land Diaries

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. And, sorry that I finished eight cousins without you. :) I was going to do it chapter by chapter, but I kinda forgot to post on here, so...yeah. Anyway, I am reading another book now. My friend let me borrow it, and I LOVE it! Actually, she let me borrow the first one, first, and I read it, and LOVED it. So, she let me borrow books 2 and 3. I'm working on book 2 now. But you are asking, WHAT ARE THE BOOKS??? Well, they are called the Promised Land Diaries. They are written by someone named Anne Tyra Adams. Anyway, they are books about Women of the bible, but they are told by a fictional friend of theirs. Like, in the first book, It tells the story of Esther. But the "Diary" is "Written" By Esther's servant girl. It is a great book. It is called, Persia's Brightest Star"

The one I'm reading now, is called, "The Laughing Princess of the Desert" And it is "written" by Sarah's Traveling Companion. So far, it is really good.

I will write about the book as I read it.

Their are 4 other books in the series.

The Diary of Rebekah's Nursemaid,
The Diary of Debroah's Armor Bearer
The Diary of Ruth's Fellow Harvester
The Diary of Miriam's Best Friend

I am looking forward to reading them all. I can't wait to finish book 2. My friend said that her favorite out of all the books was #3, so, I am looking forward to that. I will try to post on here as often as I can.

Thanks for reading!!! ~Sammy